We have a dynamic range of products that include conventional as well as organic herbs, whole grain, blended & ground spices, psyllium & its related products as well. We have extensive experience in the production and manufacturing of conventional products, but over the years we have understood the importance of organic products. We work closely with farmers’ associations to ensure organic farming methods are adopted to maintain the quality of our products.

Developing lasting relationships with Farmers

Earth Root has actively made genuine attempts to create close relationships with farmers and farmers’ associations to assure the procurement of high-grade raw materials and products. We are very aware of the importance of farmers in today’s economy and our team makes it a point to share the benefits with them equally.

Support to Farmers’ Associations

Our experienced team is always on hand to give necessary advice and assistance to farmers about organic farming. We extensively explain and show different methods and techniques to farmers, which can help them optimize their harvest and cultivate a better quality of crops.

Production & Harvesting Techniques

It is our foremost priority and responsibility to maintain the quality of our products and ensure the best quality products reach our customers. To ensure the quality of our products, the crops are grown under close supervision and a favorable environment. The farmers are not encouraged to use pesticides, growth hormones or synthetic fertilizers while following the necessary safety procedures.

Advanced Manufacturing

Over the years, we have ironed out our manufacturing process to create an efficient and effective process. With the help of modern technology and machinery, we have designed processes to keep our products fresh, high on nutritional value and low on antioxidants. We have modern grading, grinding and packaging machines for providing top-notch products to our customers.

Earth Root

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