Garlic Flakes

OTHER NAME : Sukha Lahsun
BOTANICAL NAME : Allium sativum
PLANT FAMILY : Amaryllidaceae
PART USED : Bulb & Clove
AVAILABE FORM : Flakes, Minced, Granules and powder

Dehydrated Garlic means the product obtained by drying by any suitable method which ensures characteristics of fresh garlic on rehydration the cloves of Allium sativum L. without bleaching or precooking. It shall be white to pale cream in colour, free from scorched, toasted and baked particles. It may be Minced, Flakes, Granules and Powdered.

Garlic contain alliin.

Mainly used in Pizza and other fast food, snack foods, food service packs, stuffing mixes, pickled products, meat products, seafood products, gravies, canned foods, salad dressing, dips, bottle packs, pet food, rice mixes, soups, potato salad, seasoning, speciality foods, curry powder, bakery topping, gourmet sauces, seasoning and in many other snacks or as ingredients.