Harade Whole Fruit

OTHER NAME : Haritaki, Harade, ,Chebulic Myrobalan, Black Myrobalan
BOTANICAL NAME : Terminalia chebula
PLANT FAMILY : Combretaceae
PART USED : Fruits


Terminalia chebula is medium to large sized deciduous tree growing up to height of 25-30mt and diameter of trunk of this tree is 1mt. Fruit of this plant is ovoid drupe, broad, blackish and have five longitudinal ridges. Haritaki is one main key ingredient in triphala and famous rejuvenating herb.

The main constituents are anthraquinone glycoside, chebulinic acid, tannic acid (20%–40%), and vitamin C in fruits. Arachidic, behenic, linoleic, palmitic, and stearic acids are also found in
the fruits.

The Harad fruit is antiseptic, diuretic, astringent, cardiotonic, and febrifuge in action. It is a safe and effective purgative, laxative, and alterative. It is an important ingredient of ‘triphala’, an Ayurvedic formulation used in the treatment of constipation, colic pain and kidney dysfunctions, eye diseases, and sore throat.