Safed Musli Root

OTHER NAME : Musali, Swetha Musali
BOTANICAL NAME : Chlorophytum borivilianum
SYNONYMS : C. arundinaceum, C.tuberosum.C. malabaricum,. C. attenuatum, C. breviscapum
PLANT FAMILY : Liliaceae


Safed musli is originally found in forest areas in natural form. It is a herb with sub erect lanceolate leaves. It flowers in the month of August and early September. The flowers are white in color. The leaves are dried in the month of Dec./Jan.

The major components of safed musli are carbohydrates (41%), protein (8-9%), saponins (2-17%) and root fibres (4%).

The roots of safed musli are well known tonic. For care of general debility by acting as an aphrodisiac. Used in the treatment of rheumatism