Ashwagandha Root Powder

OTHER NAME : Asgandh / Nagauri / Asgandha / عبعب منوم
BOTANICAL NAME : Withania somnifera
PLANT FAMILY : Solanaceae


The herb is also called Indian ginseng or winter cherry. The name ashwagandha describes the smell of its root (like a horse). Ashwagnadha (Withania somnifera) is cultivated in many of the drier regions of India. Ashwagandha enhances the function of the brain and nervous system and improves the memory. It improves the function of the reproductive system promoting a healthy sexual and reproductive balance. Being a powerful adaptogen, it enhances the body’s resilience to stress

Alkaloids (Withanine, Somniferine, Pseudowithanine, Tropine and Pseudotropine, Hygrine, Isopellederine, Anaferine and Anahygrine) Steroid lactones (Withanolides)

It is considered as an adaptogen and so is used to treat number of diseases, such as nervous disorders, intestinal infections and leprosy. Ashwagandha is one of the most widespread tranquillizers used in India, where it holds a position of importance like ginseng in China. Mainly, it acts on the reproductive and nervous systems, having
a rejuvenate effect on the body and is used to improve vitality and aid recovery after chronic illness.
It is also used to treat nervous exhaustion, impotence, infertility, debility, insomnia, wasting diseases, failure to thrive in children and multiple sclerosis.