Black Cardamom

OTHER NAME : Badi Elaichi, Hill cardamom, Bengal cardamom, winged cardamom, Big cardamon, Brown cardamom
BOTANICAL NAME : Amomum subulatum
PLANT FAMILY : Zingiberaceae



Balck Cardamom Pod – Black cardamom is similar in appearance to Indian green cardamom but differs is size, color and flavor. The pods of Badi Elaichi are dark brown to black in color with a thick, dried, wrinkled skin. The pods are aromatic but not as much as the green cardamom.

The seeds contain 3% of an essential oil, which is dominated by 1,8-cineol. The pericarp contains small amount (0.2%) of essential oil, with a much reduced 1,8-cineol fraction compared to the seed oil.

Black Cardamom has a sweet, smoky flavor and aromatic allow it to fully release its flavors and aroma in Meat Dishes
Historically, black cardamom has been used to treat various stomach ailments, common infections, and dental problems. In traditional Chinese medicine, in addition to being a treatment for stomach disorders, this spice is used to treat malaria.
Crushed Black cardamom enhances and intensifies the taste of other ingredients.